Sometimes you just want to say thank you #TDThanksYou

Love our Automated Thanking Machine? See what these people did in just 24 hours to #MakeTodayMatter: TD turns ATMs into Automated Thanking Machines to create …
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25 Responses to “Sometimes you just want to say thank you #TDThanksYou”

  1. FaZe Rain says:

    I love this.

  2. Jack Le says:

    Can bank of America do this? I really need a new car and a girlfriend.

  3. Super Smash-man says:

    This actually made me cry, thinking about how wonderful people can be and
    what good things they can do.

  4. DoNNa RPM says:

    beautiful Surprises From an ATM Machine…

  5. MovieMistakes says:

    Check out the slip we found in these Motion picture! We also have some
    switch ending you could enjoy.

  6. Pano Kontogiannis says:
    bussiness in USA, awesome

  7. Rebecca Co says:

    Sometimes you just want to say thank you
    Check this out.

    With this, I want to thank you all.
    Stay safe everyone.

  8. Miss Hua says:

    Sometimes I just like to say THANK YOU! 雖然忙到要吐血,還是想再感恩節的今天,跟大家說聲謝謝喲!!

    #thanksgiving #thankyou #感謝 #謝謝 

  9. Odok Coba says:
  10. Mariam Bibi says:

    beautiful amazing astonoshing
    i have no word to describe this

  11. Ashi Ni says:

    <3 :')

  12. Suman Karmakar says:

    This is awesome customer satisfaction..:) 

  13. TheDigitalPillars says:

    You people are so gullible.

  14. KaraKaKsa Studios says:

    Finally….. I am crying!!!!!

  15. Super Smash-man says:

    This video made me think of all the great people in this world.. just to
    name a few everyone who works for TD. This video actually made me cry.

  16. Александр Бондарь says:

    Повышайте лояльность клиентов за счет персонального подхода.

    Этого видео просто зашкаливает.

    Канадский банк TD решил поблагодарить своих клиентов, проведя акцию
    TDThanksYou . Суть акции в том, что сотрудники каждого подразделения банка
    знают своих клиентов очень хорошо и близко. Они знают, какие у них
    проблемы, какие мечты, какие желания.

    И вот, 25 июля они попросили своих клиентов прийти протестировать новый
    ATM. И тут каждого клиента ждал сюрприз…=)

    В итоге они сделали акцию, которая может стать примером для всех.
    Лояльность нужно зарабатывать так и никак иначе. Хороший сервис всегда в

    Очень крутой кейс, на который нужно равняться.

  17. Otilia Mil-Homens says:

    Banco do Canadá – Marketing inteligente smile emoticon
    Em vez de gastar milhões com jogadores de futebol, artistas etc., este
    banco fez algo que jamais será esquecido pelos seus clientes e amigos.

  18. alex blackeye says:

    kai eδω τα ιδια μας κανουνε σιγα τις εκπληξεισ καθε μερα ραβασακια

  19. Rustam A says:

    Круто, вот маркетинг с превышением!

  20. Martin Yonovski says:

    Good job! :)

  21. Brahmansin says:

    Ну прям “Приватбанк”

  22. honda12345678 says:

    Private banks have stolen the wealth, prosperity and freedom of the entire
    world through fiat currency, debt and a dollar backed not by gold but by
    nothing. Read about Canadian banks and the bail in system, and when they
    start stealing your money and pensions out of your account are you still
    going to love this commercial.

  23. MattMattMatt Cool says:

    Wow how amazing! I want to bank with TD, This is an American bank and when
    I go to America, Im going to TD

  24. Pete StandingAlone says:

    This was so incredibly shoddy. Good job though, 43,000 people are dumb
    enough to be this easily emotionally manipulated. 

  25. Plasma Praire says:

    how could u dislike this.

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