How to double your website traffic in 5 minutes [Part 1] – Here’s a free viral marketing video that shows a weird trick I discovered to quickly double your website’s traffic. It’s part of a …
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25 Responses to “How to double your website traffic in 5 minutes [Part 1]”

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  3. Vending Junkie says:

    cool video. :)

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  6. Enzo Testa says:


  7. Octavio Arrieta says:

    dang man you make sense.. thanks for the inspiration>>>>!!!!!!


    Great tips!!! viral marketing is a new term for guerilla marketing but
    online, I would add to this points to not forget about guerrilla marketing.

  9. Mehran Fida says:

    +VOZAX IT Solutions nice

  10. James Fry says:

    I’ve been around the marketing block a lot and I’ve never seen this before
    – SUPER inspiring and really… genius. Thanks for generously sharing this
    info Kyle, I’m stoked to check out Video 2!

  11. Warriors says:

    how would i implement this strategy on an ecommerce site? i cant offer
    anything for free.
    share this with your friends, and you get…? 

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  14. Laura Pearman says:

    How could this work in a service business such as HVAC (heating, air
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  16. Vondrake Brown says:

    thas whasup??

  17. Alizee Defan says:

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  18. Scott F says:

    75,000 page views not visitors. Slight difference.

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  20. Annie Asounga says:
  21. Tony Araujo says:

    I appreciate the value and the tips you provided on how to get traffic!

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  24. Ingrid Inavarro says:

    Hey does still work ?

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