3 BADASS Viral Marketing Techniques For Driving Traffic!

A lot of people think of viral marketing as this almost impossible thing that relies on mostly luck but in this video I’m going to show you why that doesn’t …

25 Responses to “3 BADASS Viral Marketing Techniques For Driving Traffic!”

  1. Lazy Ass Stoner says:

    3 badass viral marketing techniques for driving for traffic to your

  2. Amadeus X says:

    I have seen quite a few of your vids, been to your website and went thru
    the newbie guide. When I got to the 60+ replies, I noticed there was no
    response to any of them by you. So, I came back to this vid, your latest
    vid, and looked to see if you had responded to anyone here. I see the one
    comment but that seems to be it. So, I thought,”let’s give ‘ol boy a
    break!” So I ventured over to your Google+ page, and even though not much
    interaction happening there, I still don’t see any personable communication
    from you. I decided to actually go to your Screw95 page to see how much
    your course is. I must say, even though you seem to get to the point quite
    well, I don’t really see that you communicate in other areas. On the newbie
    page people had valid ‘newbie’ questions! Your script at the end does say
    there will be support but I have a hard time believing that since it
    appears you have not developed that relationship of trust in the avenues
    you already have in place. 

  3. michael angus says:

    Hey Jay,

    Need some advice regarding adsense. My videos were monetized, i applied to
    put adds on one of niche sites and was rejected on the basis of ‘lack of
    content’. I received an email saying so which declared my youtube channel
    would not be affected by the rejection of my site. But almost instantly
    monetization on my channel was disabled. I re-applied my adsense account
    which I was forced to do when I signed into it and my channel was monetized
    after about 12 hours. 3 days later they’ve taking it down again, this time
    without an email to say so, and no explanation. I filled out an ‘invalid
    clicks dispute form’ and the reply said that my account wasn’t associated
    with ‘invalid clicks’ but I was still refused an actual answer to where I
    went wrong… The ads I placed on my rejected site, were however still
    embedded in the html code, although they’ve been removed from my adsense
    ‘my ads’ tab, could this be the reason, I have removed them, and re-applied
    but I feel like even if my video become monetized this will re-occur time
    and time again. Should I just delete my youtube account and start a new

  4. Daniel Bowman says:

    Good vid. Where do you get the code for the shares? I like how you have
    all the share options lined up vertically on the left hand column of the
    page but can’t find the code anywhere.

  5. Frank Zonnenberg says:

    coach me on Skype please!! need help!!

  6. John Remnant says:

    it can work, to get some traffic, the problem is, you need to establish
    yourself then with a distributor of real products, which is not easy, then
    handle a Lot of orders, or big ticket items . In time, if you gain their
    trust, they can drop ship for you, but still giving your buyers the
    discount price, never establish with a company that cant actually deliver
    .China is out of the question , and US is okay. Hes making the traffic look
    easy, it may work, it may not, it all depends on who your trying to reach
    and being able to tap into that market place. its not easy.
    Two people alone can do i think. But your talking long hours, a lot of
    His methods may or may not get you a website established and up and
    running, from there, not sure how much hes going to be able to help.

  7. warriorcycles says:


  8. Rosell Villariba says:

    can u teach us how to get 1000 youtube subscriber?

  9. RedMoonRising24 says:

    My second watched video on your channel. I appreciate your no-nonsense
    approach to easily explaining internet marketing. Sub’d =)

  10. MakeupBySharlene says:

    So helpful and on point…awesome.

  11. Quickregister SEO/Marketing Tips and Tools says:

    I learned more about seo viral marketing and seo from this video than I did
    from the last one which was done by some slick guy from Wharton School of
    business. I don’t smoke pot but I may now take it up. Great video and

  12. Mr.SpiderCraft says:

    do you ever get really high then make a video?
    or do you just stay sober?

  13. Mitchell Perry says:

    propper funny geezer 

  14. Jeffrey Ogburn says:

    Great video again bro! Quick question, what camera are you using to film
    your videos?

  15. Shellish Harrington says:

    Very good Information.

  16. Pat Lajoie says:

    Thanks man, great video once again. I too now aspire to be a Lazy Ass
    Stoner. :)

  17. Funny kid says:

    How do you know where your amazon associate sales are coming from if you
    have websites in multiple niches.

  18. Kevin Rutledge says:

    Jay’s the real deal and it’s obvious he knows what he’s doing. He is also a
    stand-up guy and genuinely cares about your success.

  19. Jarred Chaisson says:


  20. opute albert says:

    You are good

  21. Our Sound Engineer says:

    3 BADASS Viral Marketing Techniques For Driving Traffic!Learn three
    different type of ways to make your content go viral. 1) The Viral News
    Story, 2) The Viral Video, 3) The Viral Infographic – Check it Out!

  22. Jay Wessman says:

    3 badass viral marketing techniques for driving for traffic to your

  23. Amon Amarth says:


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