Forum Marketing – How to use an online Forum Effectively to get Traffic to your Website

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8 Responses to “Forum Marketing – How to use an online Forum Effectively to get Traffic to your Website”

  1. Vinay Patankar says:

    Awesome video, I used it in my latest post:

  2. Laxmi8427 says:

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  3. ironoutthegrind says:

    Thank you so much for posting your comment but unfortunately I can’t, won’t
    and I’m not allowed to answer this question because it is out of my
    expertise. I can’t give any tax advice and would never want to mislead you.

  4. Nazmulkabirbdjsr says:

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  5. ironoutthegrind says:

    It really depends on how much you put into it. Usually it takes time to
    build a good reputation and trust. The more time you put into it and
    genuinely try to help people increases your chances to make money. I
    haven’t heard of Passive Profit Pitch but thanks for sharing.

  6. colust says:

    Hi. do you ever add any links to the articles or do you just use links in
    the signature?

  7. Robert M says:

    What are the rules on the income you make from an online forum. If you
    reach a point where you show revenue (of any kind) does that need to be
    reported to the IRS, and the state? I am asking about a local forum where
    the Paypal count is commingled with a personal account. And is this kind of
    mixing accounts a good idea?

  8. ironoutthegrind says:

    It really depends on what the forum rules allow. All forums have a
    different set of rules. Usually, I just use links in my forum signature. It
    is important to spend time at these forums and really try to help people
    out. NEVER just spam to get your signature out there. It takes time but if
    you really genuinely try to help others, people will take notice and this
    builds trust. People will start to view you as an expert in your field.
    This is where you start to build quality traffic.

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