Starting a business in the Philippines: OFW Success Story (Alliyah’s Homestay, Pagudpud)

Marilou Lucido, owner of Alliyah’s Transient House, in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines, intervied in May 2013. It was nice to hear such success stories in the country. She worked as an…

25 Responses to “Starting a business in the Philippines: OFW Success Story (Alliyah’s Homestay, Pagudpud)”

  1. roy suico says:

    galing mo naman…..

  2. Bohol Beauty says:

    lucky, her grandparents bought the land for 150 pesos, she said? wow,
    great story, good for her

  3. Kristelkay Palattao says:

    Wow nice

  4. Marichu M says:

    Wow nice naman….

  5. infiltr80r says:

    Beautiful people.

  6. Julius S says:

    This is how progress in any society is done… by starting your own

    Then as the market matures and gets saturated with thousands fighting for
    the reducing pie share, someone will evolve with a niche to win the
    saturated market and rise above the rest. Everyone follows and repeats the
    process until its too saturated again and then, once again, a few will
    evolve and rise above the rest.

    So, the process repeats and evolves until it becomes a part of the
    society’s thinking. As the population gets really evolved, people out
    thinking one another is bound to create a highly evolved product and that
    soon becomes the most sought after product in the world.

    Most industrialized countries evolved this way. South Korea’s phones are
    super evolved obviously, China’s manufacturing system are highly evolved
    and unmatchable in any part of the world, USA comes out with new niche all
    the time like Facebook, Youtube, Google, etc.. And USA’s movies are
    undoubtedly highly evolved and seen all over the world that rake in
    billions of dollars per movie back into the country. Japan’s high end
    technology are unmatchable by any society in the world. Germany’s luxury
    cars are a niche by this country only and sought after by any person in the
    world. Italy’s supercars are 2nd to none of any country. The USA, Japan,
    South Korea, etc.. are competing fiercely in the automobile market.

    Needless to say, all this highly evolved products from these countries make
    billions of dollars for their home country and creates jobs and indirectly
    sustains families of millions from the bottom ground employees up to the
    executive upstairs and all the way to the corporate heads.

    Then, here’s where the Philippines play in this world game… Dried
    mangoes? Banana chips? Domestic helper?

    That’s why Philippines need to stop sending out its population and start
    making market within and evolve and arise and win the global game. That
    dried mangoes and banana chips can evolve into unthinkable products.

    Besides , is there any wealthy country that has arised from sending out its
    population to wipe its bosses’ kid’s cracks?

  7. FreeLanceMedia says:

    congrats to you and your family…You made the right decision. Hope you
    will inspire thousands of Filipinos

  8. jeff c says:

    Mr Parayno, I’m a former student of yours Jefferson Corpuz. saw this video
    by chance looking for filipino docus’ I noticed your voice right away, no
    homo. just wanted to say this is an inspirational video 

  9. Earl Cuayx says:

    ahh ahh ahh ahh

  10. irenegrace juan says:

    Nice…hope i can do this to our place also

  11. irenegrace juan says:

    Nice…hope i can do this to our place also

  12. Jennilee Pascua says:

    Wow! You can just see how humble they are, after all their success in life.
    I want to visit their place when I get home and learn from them. Thanks

  13. Mark Matel says:

    Nice video…been in Pagudpud twice and it’s really a beautiful place..if
    you love nature, beaches and quiet environment gotta love Pagudpud..people
    there are really nice and friendly…:-)

  14. Rick Anderson says:

    11:51 Joanna…wow

  15. Gerry Caliboso says:

    saludo ak kanyam manang, daytoy ti tuladen tayo nga OFWs…

  16. Venz Lucero says:

    sobrang kahanga-hanga ka pinoy! saludo ako syo kabayan, maging ganyan nawa
    ang mga kapwa nting pinoy.. Mabuhay ka!

  17. frank cleofas says:

    we was there with friends last year during our journey to the north, nice
    place pagudpud beach, pagbalik ko punta ulit dyan with my own family.

  18. cheng121785 says:

    nice sir,so happy for her,
    im from pagudpud ilocos norte,philippines

  19. Jun Aquino says:

    Great story!!

  20. paparayno says:

    Here’s another success story interview I did of Sam Blas, a Filipino
    American, who came back home after 15 years to open a pensione house in his
    hometown, Laoag, Ilocos Norte. The link is in the description of this video
    or on my video lists. thanks guys. enjoy

  21. paparayno says:

    Her phone number is on the beginning of video .

  22. ma.dativa ampoloquio says:

    So grateful i saw your video.I`m so inspired to pursuit my dreams when i
    come home for good from working her in hk. I`m proud of u Marilou. God
    bless u more and thank u for sharing your story.

  23. paparayno says:

    I will post more OFW success stories to inspire

  24. jan kjær says:

    thank you paparayno i did not see that lol thanks

  25. usacyrano says:

    Thanks for posting such a positive story. I’m an American married to a
    filipina from Negros and I’ve heard many stories of OFW coming home broke
    because the salary went to the family and no one saved anything. Many have
    to work past retirement or come home to nothing. Glad to see a success
    story. Maybe we’ll stay next time we’re in Phil. Peace!

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