James Dyson discusses innovation, bringing new products to market and more (Full Video)

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22 Responses to “James Dyson discusses innovation, bringing new products to market and more (Full Video)”

  1. Lyndon Bishop says:

    Up until the year 2000, Dyson licensed its design to a distributor named
    Phantom (do you remember these vacuums? I do), which went out of business.
    The Dyson is actually a re branded Phantom, with the same design at an
    increased price, and new marketing efforts.

  2. Lyndon Bishop says:

    get a Miele

  3. Collin Coel says:

    Useful information!

  4. keithparker117 says:

    dyson back in 1993 the first dyson vacuum launch it the dc01

  5. Janos Molnar says:

    I wonder what james does to his penis to make it better lol.


    “It’s not the cheapest, it’s what works the best!”

  7. beautifulsmall says:

    to improve the filter from 20um to 0.5nm (cigerrete smoke) is impressive
    seeing how all existing bags had coallesed at 20um.the determination from
    the vision of the woodyard is a moment that must have been euphoric, the
    rest of us just have to work hard. but we can all get there.

  8. Suzhou Chen says:

    I bought a dyson after doing this resit coursework……

  9. Mohammad Awartani says:

    RESIT !!!!

  10. NewBisKu says:

    hahahah business studies

  11. mysonywalkman1978 says:

    A very charismatic personality, I think that contributed in part to his

  12. PAN J says:

    shout out to the resit coursework!

  13. Seth Andersen says:

    no, I’m just here because I’m 14, weird, and have a liking to invention and

  14. Deb B says:

    While I get tired of his commercials, I admire his continuous improvements
    in his products. Not all are great; but he’s at least trying. I was very
    impressed by the Fantom Thunder, which is still an incredibly good vacuum
    20 years later, still works well and requires very minimal maintenence; the
    fact that virtually all dust remains in the cup and the original hepa
    filter remains clean even after all that time tells you how good the
    cyclone technology works.

  15. NewBisKu says:

    the best part of the video 25:39

  16. Orbital Frosty says:


  17. Zeus says:

    Are you kidding ? This Dyson crap accused Chinese students stealing British
    technologies , implying Chinese aren’t capable of inventing their own
    technologies, and you bought his overpriced crap?

  18. Suzhou Chen says:

    I bought a dyson after doing this resit coursework……

  19. Ramix09 says:


  20. NewBisKu says:


  21. Morgan Griffiths says:

    kill me now

  22. Devin Plude says:


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